Good Morning Japan!!!

Japan rocks~!

Good morning Japan!!!
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Lovers of Japan and its wonderful culture rejoice!
All things japanese oriented will be discussed here! Just have fun and follow the rules!!!

1.Be respectful to all members. Being rude to others because of their views will not be tolerated.
2.If you want to post pics, no nudes please! There are some young people here, just use a link with a disclaimer!
3.Spamming is ok, just not too much!
4.Don't take others icons and such, ask permission, i dont want any lame drama!
5.For lots of pics, or just big pics, use and lj cut, find out how HERE

Thank you!
Be nice to the mod -_^

Feel free to introduce yourself!
You can use this survey:
1.Name, age, ethnicity, whatever!
(Keep the following japanese favorites, please!)
2.Favorite anime
3.Favorite artist/band
4.Favorite manga
5.Favorite fahion designer/fashion label
6.Favorite Japanese movie(live or anime)
7.Favorite video game
8.Favorite snack
9.Favorite anime character/manga character
10.Cutest/hottest japanese person
11.If you could drop everything and leave for Japan right now would you? y/n?
12.Favorite japanese word?